Our Vision

Entrepreneurs drive progress

Our Values

Our founding values ​​have guided us and inspired each of our actions:

People First,, the foundation of our action

Entrepreneurship is a state of mind of constant audacity and questioning of the status quo. We seek out individuals who reject ideology and share our passion for change. Together, we address complex challenges, fostering economic and social progress and commitment to the common good.

Free Thinking

We are free to consider all possibilities while remaining true to our vision and values. This audacity enables us to discover new, innovative and effective solutions to complex challenges, and to create long-term value.


We always aim higher. Our quest for excellence manifests itself in a deep commitment to our work and a willingness to take risks. This ambition is committed to the success of the entrepreneurs we collaborate with, the partners we support and, more broadly, to the economic development of France.


We strive to improve the well-being of everyone around us – employees, entrepreneurs and partners. We ensure that everyone feels valued, respected and supported.

Fonds du Bien Commun

As a committed stakeholder, Otium supports “Le Fonds du Bien Commun”, a philanthropic organization that partners with social entrepreneurs and associations dedicated to building tomorrow’s society.

Created in 2021 to respond to society’s major challenges, Le Fonds du Bien Commun is committed to companies and associations that are driving innovative solutions in several fields, such as humanitarian, heritage or culture.