2021 Otium Investment Other Active

99digital is specialized in search marketing, including natural & paid search engine optimization (SEO & SEA) and social ads. Beyond generating traffic to your site, 99digital aims to generate the right traffic, from the right channel, to turn it into sales and repeat business.

2021 Otium Investment Other Sold in 2023
Adore Me

Ten years ago, Adore Me launched to become the leading lingerie brand offering a wide variety of sizes and options. With its subscription model, Adore Me renews women’s lingerie by offering affordable, good quality, fast delivery products with new collections every month.

2021 Otium Investment Other Active
Albert School

Albert School is the first business school of excellence focused on data. Albert offers a hybrid post-baccalaureate business & data program with a hands-on approach and teachers and lecturers from the best institutions (X, HEC, Sciences Po…) and the business world.

2023 Otium Partners Active
Alfeor Arnaud Montebourg et Eric Druenne Co-fondateurs

Alfeor, a new equipment supplier to the nuclear industry, is a French industrial group that invests in acquiring, consolidating and developing small and medium-sized subcontractors in the industry, in order to federate their high-tech, high value-added know-how within an independent intermediate-sized company.

2023 Otium Investment Other Active

Almé is a French inclusive fashion brand that dresses all body shapes, celebrating women from size 36 to 54. Almé combines family heritage, expertise in plus sizes, and digitized manufacturing tools to create garments perfectly tailored for all women.

2019 Otium Investment Other Active

Amenitiz was created for hoteliers by hoteliers and is on a mission to build an exceptional tool to make managing small hotels, B&Bs and independent properties simple and stress-free.

2018 Otium Investment Other Active
Ana Luisa

Ana Luisa is a jewelry brand with a simple, but clear cut idea. That high quality jewelry shouldn’t cost the planet and that luxury shouldn’t be defined so narrowly and designed for so few.

2018 Otium Investment Other Active

Ananda Asset Management is a London-based equity investment manager investing in Europe and North America.

2022 Otium Investment Resonance Active

Animaj is a next-generation media company that specializes in bringing high-quality and inspiring brands to children and families worldwide. Using a digital-first and AI-driven approach, Animaj acquires and transforms high-quality IPs into multi-platform franchises.

2021 Otium Investment Other Active

Aria was createad to help these companies pay their suppliers in less than 24 hours, while giving them the time they need to pay us back.

2022 Otium Investment Other Active

Arianee offers Web3 solutions for brands, helping them authenticate all forms of valuable assets, distribute NFTs, and leverage the power of decentralization.

2022 Otium Partners Active

Atraltech is a French tech company and pioneer in radio-connected intrusion detection for almost 50 years. With a strong presence in the premium segment, Atraltech provides a unique range of engineering services and high-performance EMS & Integration solutions.

2018 Otium Investment Other Active

Aya is a rapidly growing, Canadian-based silver producer with a strong footprint in Morocco.

2022 Otium Investment Other Active
Beat The Bomb

Beat The Bomb is the worlds first immersive social video game company. The first location in Brooklyn has served over 120,000 customers since opening in 2018. The 1-hour experience mixes the best elements of escape rooms, immersive theater, cutting edge gaming technology and 90s game shows.

2023 Otium Investment Montyon Capital Active

BeFC was founded on decades of biofuel cell research, centred on emerging markets in the packaging, wearables and single-use medical markets. With a team of world class engineers and scientists, BeFC develops an organic and eco-friendly energy solution for the next generation of smart and sustainable electronics.

2023 Otium Studio Active

E-learning platform with efficient and straightforward learning experiences to learn and grow new skills

2019 Otium Investment Other Active

Blissim is the number one beauty box in France. Every month, Blissim discovers the best products, from major brands to new trends, and sends them to its subscribers. Blissim has also developed a permanent e-shop for beauty products and new exclusive brands.

2022 Otium Investment Other Active

Caats offers a quality cat food with natural ingredients, rich in animal proteins, healthy, tasty and especially grain-free. Thanks to an online subscription with no commitment, Caats delivers customized menus to your home.

2019 Otium Investment Other Sold in 2022

Carmat’s mission is to provide physicians with the first alternative to heart transplantation through the implantation of the Carmat artificial heart to save lives and improve the quality of life of patients suffering from end-stage heart failure.

2021 Otium Investment Other Active

Carsell is a service that takes care of the sale of your car, through its agents. Carsell offers a complete and competitive service, optimizing the price and time dedicated to the sale of your car.

2017 Otium Investment Other Active

With a belief system built on sustainability and philanthropy, CHNGE encourages consumers to shop differently, making clothing with a conscience. Their tees are 100% carbon neutral, made from sustainable fabrics backed by ethical production, to provide an expressive outlet for people who care.

2021 Otium Investment Other Active

Clay’s mission is to offer Millenials and Gen Z a platform to protect themselves preventively against mental illness and to better cope with personal crises. Clay offers a mental health platform that adapts to you and your progress – with real psychologists and a community that motivates us to stay on the ball.

2017 Otium Investment Other Active

Comet match a pool of over 10,000 tech freelancers, with company missions. Comet’s goal is to satisfy both sides: relevant and prompt skills for companies, security and inspiring projects for freelancers. Comets freelance talent community comes highly motivated, because they choose the projects on which they work.

2024 Otium Partners Active
Comet Software Axel Jonsson, Samy Jazaerli Co-fondateurs

Comet Software is a specialist B2B software group that operates under a decentralized model of perpetual ownership. While offering autonomy and independence to its companies, the group supports them in their development.

2017 Otium Investment Other Active

Dental Company is a network of dental clinics with almost 100 centers operating in Spain. Since the birth of the company in 2009 in Seville, Dental Company have created a model for the provision of dental services based on patient satisfaction, quality of service and personal treatment.

2017 Otium Investment Other Sold in 2021

Dentelia is a network of modern and innovative dental clinics. Dentelia offers patient-centered care based on the following values: accompaniment and education, clinical excellence and well-being at work.

2022 Otium Investment Other Active

Specialized medical dermatology centers.

2022 Otium Investment Other Active

Dialect’s mission is to redefine the way people buy fragrance by offering affordable and sustainable alternatives to their iconic scents.

2019 Otium Studio Active

Dossier was founded out of a desire to make premium fragrances accessible to everyone. With Dossier, enjoying clean, ethically sourced, long-lasting, high-end perfume is within reach.

2016 Otium Investment Other Active

Dynamo revolutionizes indoor cycling by offering a complete workout that connects body and mind in rhythm with music. A fun, escapist moment to surpass yourself, find inspiration and shine.

2023 Otium Investment Montyon Capital Active

E-Peas specializes in electronic portable energy autonomous systems, providing industry-leading energy harvesting and processing solutions—AEMs & microcontrollers.

2024 Otium Partners Active
Enosium Life Sciences

Enosium Life Science is an integrated group of best-in-class service providers in Europe, to address critical challenges facing Life Science companies, from clinical development to commercialization.

2023 Otium Studio Active
Ensol Paul de Préville and Martin d’Hoffschmidt Co-Founders

Ensol is an energy equipment platform for private individuals (solar panels, batteries, charging stations, etc.) Ensol enables its customers to decarbonize their electricity while saving money.

2015 Otium Studio Active

Equivalenza is a Spanish perfume brand present in several European countries. It offers more than 130 exceptional perfumes at affordable prices.

2017 Otium Investment Other Active

Feed. offers the best of nutrition for every moment of the day. Developed by a team of dieticians-nutritionists and food engineers, the recipes contain natural ingredients that provide 100% of what is needed for a balanced meal or snack to achieve its objectives.

2020 Otium Investment Other Active

Féfé offers cocktails in cans, made by the bartenders of the bar Le Syndicat, elected among the best bars in the world.

2023 Otium Investment Resonance Active

AI financial analyst, trained to help screen, research, and monitor public companies.

2022 Otium Investment Other Active
FJ Labs

FJ Labs is a stage-agnostic consumer facing VC fund headquartered in New York City. FJ Labs invests in ambitious founders solving big problems.

2023 Otium Investment Resonance Active

Flagcat is a webtoon studio based in Paris, France, specializing in action and fantasy series. With a dozen full-time artists, Flagcat handles all production steps from scriptwriting to translation, including storyboard, line art, coloring, FX, and lettering.

2022 Otium Partners Active
Fort Boyard Aventures

Created in 2022 in France, this brand is developing the action game inspired by the cult TV show Fort Boyard. By 2024, 30 centers will open in France. Fort Boyard Aventures immerses players in the world of the real fort with different challenges in each cell. The company operates 1,000 square meters that welcome more than 100,000 players per year.

2023 Otium Studio Active

Giftory is a platform offering a range of experiences that customers can buy as gifts for friends and family, or for themselves.

2016 Otium Investment Other Active

Founded in 2016 and present today in 18 cities in France, HAPIK is a company specialized in the operation of recreational climbing gyms. Hapik offers and renew a unique vertical experience for the active family, which reinforces the offer and attractiveness of shopping centers.

2022 Otium Studio Active

Hapni’s mission is to become the leading platform for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea, through a digital pathway and a network of partner healthcare professionals.

2017 Otium Investment Other Active

HARi&CO militates in favor of sustainable food and a virtuous agricultural sector. To lead people towards a more plant-based diet, HARi&CO offers legumes cooked in patties, dumplings and nuggets, so that it is the real protein contribution of the meal.

2023 Otium Studio Active
Hyppo Florent de Rocca-Serra and Jonathan Landman Co-Founders

Hyppo offers real estate owners the ability to unlock significant liquidity from their assets through new mortgage mechanisms, and supports them in implementing new, high-performance investment strategies.

2023 Otium Investment Montyon Capital Active

IB2 is a French green tech company revolutionizing the aluminum industry with technology that optimizes bauxite use and reduces waste, promoting a circular economy of green alumina and cement.

2020 Otium Investment Other Active

ISAI brings together more than 300 Tech entrepreneurs who have been joined by family offices and institutional investors. By joining ISAI, they have decided to invest their money and experience in order to allow the emergence of new French Tech champions.

2022 Otium Investment Montyon Capital Active

Jimmy designs and markets turnkey thermal generators, connected to the heat circuits of factories. These generators rely on a nuclear micro-reactor to create heat. Jimmy relies on an existing technology: a HTR (High Temperature Reactor) to decarbonize the industry. This technology combines two qualities for industrial heat: it is hotter and has a passive safety.

2022 Otium Investment Other Active

Join offers a solution for the creation, distribution and monetization of Web Stories, immersive content adapted to mobile consumption. These Web Stories can be integrated on any web page, using the social media experience.

2022 Otium Investment Other Active

Just is a 1-click checkout experience that people adore ! Just completely reinvents the way people shop online, eliminating frictions when its time to checkout. No more accounts, no more passwords, no more forms. For people, Just creates memorable and unique shopping experience. For brands, it cuts checkout time by 10. Its time to simplify interactions between consumers and e-merchants.

2020 Otium Investment Other Active

Katoo builds food procurement tools for restaurants and suppliers that facilitate their relationships and empower the food supply chain. Both restaurants and suppliers will reduce the time spent on low-value-added activities and focus on their core business.

2017 Otium Partners Active
Kids Empire

Originally started in Southern California, Kids Empire is a retail fun park franchise for kids and families. It offers large, indoor theme parks with a wide range of fun activities for kids in more than 60 theme parks.

2022 Otium Investment Other Active

Kiliba is a marketing automation that features 23 automated scenarios like abandoned cart recovery and cross-selling. Utilizing AI, Kiliba personalizes communications and optimizes email strategies in seven languages.

2022 Otium Partners Active
KOJUMP Otium Leisure brand

Created in Belgium in 2018, the KOJUMP brand is a network of indoor leisure and amusement parks, for young and old. The group has 10 centers between Belgium, Morocco and France. KOJUMP provides thrills and encourages physical activity in an increasingly inactive and socially connected world. The brand operates centers of 1,000 to 1,500m2 which each welcome 50,000 visitors per year.

2017 Otium Investment Other Active
La Pataterie

La Pataterie is a generous restaurant brand, close to its customers, whom it welcomes in a decor that exudes the authenticity of the terroirs. With a star product, the potato, but not only that!

2015 Otium Investment Other Active
Lead Edge Capital

Lead Edge Capital is an innovative, multi-stage growth equity firm that offers entrepreneurs flexible capital and extensive domain expertise via its Limited Partner Network, a global advisory group of leading executives, entrepreneurs and dealmakers.

2017 Otium Investment Other Active

LightOn is redefining computing for some of todays largest software/hardware challenges in AI and HPC, such as extreme-scale foundation models. Our vision is to lower the barrier to entry of Transformative AI for small and large businesses, in a sustainable way.

2023 Otium Studio Active
Master Camp

Master Camp is a company dedicated to offering children an exceptional week’s vacation, while sparing parents the logistical complexity of organizing it.

2023 Otium Investment Resonance Active

MatX designs hardware tailored for the world’s best AI models, dedicating every transistor to maximizing performance for LLMs.

2016 Otium Investment Other Sold in 2023
MÊME Cosmetics

MÊME is the first dermo-cosmetic brand for women affected by cancer. It offers a complete and safe range of products to help women deal with the undesirable effects of cancer treatments, while providing the femininity and good humor they need to get through this difficult period in style.

2016 Otium Investment Other Sold in 2023
Merci Handy

Merci Handy is an everyday cosmetic brand. They have many ideas but a single mission : deliver the best, simplest & honest skin products ever.

2017 Otium Investment Other Sold in 2024

MesRideaux.fr extends the tradition of the upholsterer’s know-how online to allow you to order very simply and in a few minutes your custom-made curtains. You choose on the site your favorite fabric from a wide selection of beautiful upholstery fabrics from publishers.

2023 Otium Investment Resonance Active

Metomic helps companies protect sensitive data in SaaS applications like Slack, Google Drive and Zendesk. Metomic’s technology connects to SaaS applications, detects the most critical sensitive data risks, and puts automated policies in place to ensure these risks don’t happen again in the future.

2018 Otium Investment Other Sold in 2020

Milewood Healthcare provides high quality, specialist care for adults with complex needs. It offers a professional and forward-thinking service for learning disabled adults and aim to set a precedent for care services across the UK.

2023 Otium Investment Resonance Active

Nebular is a Venture Tech fund investing at the earliest stages with a concentrated approach, based between New-York and London.

2022 Otium Investment Montyon Capital Active
Néolithe Nicolas Cruaud, Clément Bénassy et William Cruaud Co-fondateurs
2022 Otium Investment Other Active

NovaVet is a group of veterinary clinics. As a human-sized and agile group, NovaVet brings together experienced, competent and passionate veterinary teams in modern, welcoming and digitalized clinics.

2021 Otium Investment Other Active

Nyxoah is a pioneering medical device company developing a breakthrough therapeutic solution for the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). Nyxoah’s mission is to become a world leading company by offering unique patient-centric neuromodulation solutions, developed by passionate and exceptionally driven people

2015 Otium Investment Other Sold in 2021

Octoly is an ideal partner for brands to facilitate their influencer marketing and product review campaigns. It’s platform connects brands to macro, micro and nano influencers to generate social media posts and targeted consumer reviews at scale.

2016 Otium Investment Other Sold in 2019
Oh My Cream

Oh My Cream is an alternative beauty concept store that takes care of you and your skin. Oh My Cream handpicks each brand it distributes and is committed to offering a unique shopping experience.

2023 Otium Investment Resonance Active

Okomera employs automated 3D organoid screening technology. It integrates standard assays on chip to accelerate drug discovery from target identification to validation, and enhance preclinical predictivity.

2022 Otium Investment Other Active

Onepilot makes Customer Care Outsourcing simple and flexible. E-merchants use Onepilot in the most flexible way to handle all or part of their customer support. Onepilot provides a 100% human, instant and 24/7 answer to their end-users and efficiently solve all kinds of tickets for our clients, across all channels: chat, mail, phone or social networks.

2023 Otium Investment Montyon Capital Active

Orcan harnesses previously unused heat sources, for example in the oil and gas or cement industries, to produce clean electricity at minimal cost.

2023 Otium Partners Active

Otelium is a hotel group that focuses its development on two theses: building a portfolio of renovated budget hotels and completely repositioning establishments located in unique and irreplaceable locations through innovative concepts.

2023 Otium Partners Active
Otium Leisure Édouard Malnoy and Jérémy Letovsky Co-Founders
2017 Otium Investment Other Active

Owkin is a French-American startup that uses AI to discover and develop better treatments for unmet medical needs, starting with the fight against cancer. Owkin uses AI to identify new drug candidates, de-risk and accelerate clinical trials, and build diagnostic tools that improve patient outcomes.

2020 Otium Investment Other Active

OXP is developing the first collaboration platform for the home decoration and interior design sector. It aims to facilitate exchanges and business between brands and interior designers/decorators through innovative solutions.

2016 Otium Investment Other Active

PayFit simplifies payroll and HR processes for small and medium-sized businesses. PayFit is an automated SaaS solution to help business owners and HR professionals save time and money by allowing them to refocus on what really matters: their employees.

2018 Otium Investment Other Sold in 2023
Peas & Love

Peas & Love installs and operates vegetable farms in unused urban spaces. Our agronomists grow herbs, vegetables and fruits with organic permaculture techniques.

2022 Otium Investment Resonance Active

Piloc revolutionizes property management with a payment solution that assigns a unique virtual IBAN to each tenant, enabling the automation of payment reconciliation on management software.

2017 Otium Investment Other Active

Polène is a Parisian leather goods house created in 2016 by a sister and two brothers. The creativity of the collections is expressed through a work of organic, clean lines and a mastery of the fold. Demanding designers with a passion for excellence, they value craftsmanship through their collections made by hand in Spain.

2021 Otium Investment Other Active

Prello is a proptech that allows you to buy second homes in co-ownership with relatives or strangers. It offers a “turnkey” support service at all stages of the process of buying, renovating, maintaining, and sharing one’s second home.

2023 Otium Investment Montyon Capital Active

ProovStation designs and markets automatic vehicle inspection stations powered by artificial intelligence. Their gantries scan cars and automate the process of evaluating a vehicle for garages, rental companies and used car dealers. Individuals can visit stations and get a purchase offer from selected partners after a few seconds.

2023 Otium Studio Active

Prosper is a company that facilitates home ownership in emblematic French heritage sites, offering unique experiences with customized occupancy in exceptional châteaux.

2016 Otium Investment Other Sold in 2017
Puy du Fou

The Puy du Fou is a historical theme park. The Puy du Fou retraces the history of the Vendée through the presentation of scenes from the daily life of a line of Vendéans from the Middle Ages to the 20th century.

2020 Otium Investment Other Active
Quantum Genomics

The objective of Quantum Genomics is to become a leading actor in the treatment of cardio-vascular diseases through the development of effective and well tolerated therapeutic treatments for controlling high blood pressure and preventing related cardio-vascular risks such as heart failure.

2022 Otium Investment Other Active

Quinten is one of the leaders and pioneers in the data analysis of Real Life Data (RWE) and the use of AI to develop disease models. Through its SaaS platform, Quinten offers its models to large pharmaceuticals in order to accelerate development of treatments during clinical phases. Quinten’s technology and know-how also enable the development of other software solutions, notably for hospitals to manage their iatrogenic risks.

2021 Otium Investment Other Active
Raise Seed for good

Raise Seed For Good is the first European venture capital fund to integrate ESG criteria into its investment and support strategy from the seed stage in order to help future European leaders in responsible tech emerge. Its ambition is to become a pioneer in the financing of a new generalist Tech asset class capable of delivering a dual performance: financial and socio-environmental.

2023 Otium Investment Resonance Active
Revibe Hamza Iraqui and Abdessamad Benzakour Co-Founders

Revibe is a company that operates a B2C marketplace for refurbished electronics in the MENA region, providing consumers with checked and inspected products at affordable prices.

2021 Otium Investment Other Active

Rzilient offers refurbished computer equipment to entrepreneurs, SMEs and ETIs. Rzilient’s offer also includes a subscription to access tools to optimize everything involved in the management of an IT park, via a dedicated platform and unlimited access to experts.

2016 Otium Investment Other Active

Shippeo, helps major shippers and logistics service providers to deliver great customer service and achieve operational excellence. The Shippeo platform provides instant access to real-time delivery tracking and automates customer processes thanks to a proprietary algorithm developed in-house.

2022 Otium Investment Other Active

Silvr is the leading financial provider for digital entrepreneurs in Europe. Financing businesses has not evolved over the last decades: banks prefer to fund assets, equity is not the best fit for all. Silvr empowers entrepreneurs by building a world where funding is easy to access, scalable, and equity-free. Silvr leverages digital businesses data to predict future revenues and offer funding in 24 hours.

2019 Otium Studio Active

SixtySixty was born out of the idea that everyone deserves to look good while seeing. And, that producing quality lenses affordably and efficiently is possible. The first of its kind in the United States, SixtySixty offers an exceptional on-sight (see what we did there?) glasses experience for $60 in 60 minutes.

2003 Otium Partners Active

Smartbox Group is a worldwide group offering gift experiences. Started in 2003 by Pierre-Edouard Stérin, Smartbox Group developed the concept of experience gifts, to offer unforgettable memories. With nearly 15,000 different products in various leisure themes : Stays, Wellness, Adventure, Gastronomy& it allows people to enrich their lives with moments of sharing.

2022 Otium Partners Active
Speed Park Otium Leisure brand

Created in the 1990s in France, this brand has 15 centers, 14 of which are in France and 1 in Spain. Speed Park includes activities such as karting, bowling and lasergame. The company operates 2,000 m2 of space that welcomes more than 100,000 players per year.

2021 Otium Investment Other Active

Stage11, has assembled a team of experts in their field to deliver the future of entertainment in the metaverse, through cutting-edge technology and artist partnerships.

2019 Otium Investment Other Active
Sym Optic

Sym Optic reinvents the optical health path, from the prescription to the purchase of glasses: eye tests in 10 minutes, prescription issued by an ophthalmologist in less than 48 hours, quality glasses and 0 remaining cost.

2022 Otium Investment Other Active
TechLife Capital

TechLife Capital is a growth equity fund specialized in the Healthcare and Technology industries.

2018 Otium Investment Other Sold in 2021

Tediber is the first French online brand of products that allows everyone to experience the incredible pleasure of sleep. Since the success of the incredible mattress, Tediber has developed a complete universe around sleep and rest: bed bases, comforter, pillow, bed linen, children’s range for toddlers and teenagers and sofa bed.

2021 Otium Investment Other Active

Tekyn, a committed player in sustainable fashion, develops the most innovative and intuitive software, hardware and service solutions to make the shift to digitalization accessible to all players in the textile industry. This digitalization, a guarantee of competitiveness and agility, allows the textile supply chain to be optimized so that it is agile, efficient and transparent.

2018 Otium Investment Other Active

Terragame Center creates unique theme park experience in hyper virtual reality.

2019 Otium Investment Other Sold in 2022
The Bradery

Weekly private sales, carefully selected and beautifully presented. The Bradery prefers quality to quantity, by carefully selecting its partners. We find beautiful brands and young designers, timeless pieces rather than importable ones.

2009 Otium Investment Other Sold in 2014
The Fork

TheFork is the first investment made by Otium Capital in 2009. It is an online restaurant reservation platform in Europe and Latin America. Founded in France in 2007 by professionals and experts in the hotel and new technologies sector, TheFork has revolutionized the restaurant market by facilitating the connection between restaurants and customers in a unique way.

2023 Otium Studio Active
The Oasis House

The Oasis House provides companies with comfortable, fully-equipped homes (meeting rooms, relaxation areas, cultural and sporting activities, etc.), with personalized support in organizing recurring stays and selecting activities.

2016 Otium Investment Other Active
The Refiners

The Refiners is an accelerator that identifies top entrepreneurs from the European ecosystem and bring them to Silicon Valley. The Refiners’ portfolio includes 58 companies from a wide variety of industries and it run two programs a year with up to 15 tech startups in each fleet. The Refiners gathers a family of cross-cultured founders and entrepreneurs.

2023 Otium Investment Resonance Active

Tomorro (ex Leeway) is a company that assists organizations in reducing the time spent managing contracts, providing them with enhanced control and greater visibility over legal and financial risks.

2022 Otium Investment Other Active

Tuio is a digital home insurance company providing insurance products for renters and homeowners, with a personalized approach and instant services for claims management.

2018 Otium Investment Other Sold in 2021
Ultra Premium Direct

The company invented in 2014 in France the concept of factory direct sales of dog and cat food. Ultra Premium Direct makes available to everyone through direct sales and 24/48 hour delivery a nutrition that respects the carnivorous diet of dogs and cats (cereal free or low cereal content), with or without subscription.

2022 Otium Investment Montyon Capital Active

VSORA is developing a disruptive technology that greatly increases the power of the chips needed for artificial intelligence systems. These chips are notably used in car driving assistance systems.

2022 Otium Investment Other Active

Yumon is a play-and-earn, Metaverse-ready, game for fans and a powerful new monetization and community enabler for content creators. Build powerful decks, create the best combo and earn from your weekly performances while supporting your favorite creators.

2023 Otium Investment Resonance Active

Zeliq provides a streamlined sales solution, consolidating prospecting and outreach tools into one platform.

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